Fixing methods

10 gauge screws and blue rawl plugs are sufficient for fixing in less extreme areas such as girls toilets, however, most boys toilets seem to get a workout therefore the below options are usually best. The best fixings are bolts with pan nuts on the other side of the partition or in the case of brick / concrete walls dyna bolts are good. It is always best to use stainless steel or galvanised fixings. When bolting through a petition wall with bolt and pan nut place some max bond or construction glue on thread. This way bolt will spin and cannot be undone without using a spanner on the opposite side.

Suggested fitting positions for TR1-2

Horizontal position beside the pan is usually fine for female toilets but not suitable for boy’s toilets. (boys tend to urinate on them). Vertically mounted forward towards the door or rear of the door vertically is best for boys. Rear of door vertical is fine for smaller cubicles where rolls can be easily reached. If rear of door position is used a 50mm bump stop needs to be fitted to the wall to avoid damage, the TR1 should be mounted away from the hinges to avoid extra leverage strain on the hinges.

Best fixing methods for TR2B-2

Usually bolts and nuts on front side (kick side) is sufficient and blue plugs and 10 gauge screws on the rear side. In extreme conditions bolts and nuts or dyna bolts on both sides is best.

Jumbo guards and vertical roll holder guards.

Bolts with nuts or dyna bolts on the front (kick side) and 10 gauge screws and blue rawl plugs on the rear, if in doubt use bolts and pan nuts or dyna bolts both sides.